At first sight her paintings look like fields of spots and stripes and full of color. A playful interplay of light, color and movement. By looking a bit longer landscapes appearing, both on canvas and in mind. Impressions of nature as dunes, seaweeds, mountain paths, flowers, spots of open water. Translating the scene and sensory experiences in an intuitive and associative way.
‘Her paintings express the direct perceptible energy, the artists knows the look, smell, colors of landscape and biotopes that form her subjects. She paints with oilpaint and eggtempera and her drawings are in ink and watercolor. She loves to makes her own eggtempera, it lends itself perfectly to give form to her senses and gives her direct access to set up a painting in a free state of mind.  This way of painting leads to beautiful discoveries and clarity in the painting itself. ‘ (MOW)

The paintings of Ilse Brul are included in Artcollections of Rabobank, Museum de Buitenplaats, Van der Hoeven Kliniek and various private collections. Also some commissions of nature conservation organizations. She showed her work in various galleries and museums, including Museum de Fundatie, Museum Belvédère, Museum de Buitenplaats, MOW, Museum Wierdenland and in public areas including the Martini Hospital, UMCG, the Floriade Venlo and The University of Groningen.


Higher Education Interstudy Nijmegen, Art Teacher Drawing 2nd degree, 1990-94
ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhemt, Art Teacher Drawing 1st degree, 1994-96 
Radboud University, Comparative Art Sciences, Master of Arts, 1996-99

About my work

Selection of photo’s and/or texts included in:
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